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Man-Shin Wang >

Man-Shin Wang
Job Title: Technician
Job Description:
  1. departmental administration
  2. the management of property management, public and teaching computers
  3. the management of the work students
  4. farm safety management
  5. fund management and procurement
  6. the servers and web page management
  7. maintenance and management of the office equipment
  8. maintenance and management of various public teaching equipment
  9. various enrollment business
  10. support department-related activities (such as: seminars, workshops, etc.)
  11. the director temporarily handed over matters and so on.
E-mail: mswang@ems.niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 ext. 7636


Ching-Pao Chen >

Ching-Pao Chen
Job Title: Technician
Job Description:
  • On-campus farm management
  • The school greenhouse management.
  • Assist in farming internships.
E-mail: cpchen@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 ext. 7649