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Goals and Objectives

Program Goals and Objectives


      The Horticulture Department aims to provide students with a premier educational and training experience in integrated horticultural resource production, propagation, management, and utilization.  Its education also aims to develop a global village point of view in the students so that they can put their knowledge in use both in and out of their profession.   Four teaching objectives have been identified by the department: 


  • To teach fundamental horticultural principles that serve as a basis for the synthesis of knowledge leading to rational problem-solving
  • To develop students' knowledge and ability to employ horticultural methods including production, propagation, design, utilization, and experimental techniques
  • To provide a broad liberal education, including a strong liberal arts background emphasizing critical thinking and life-long learning, which will enable students to become informed, responsible, and effective professionals in the society
  • To cultivate an understanding of legal, ethical, and professional relationships with the society so as to prepare students for professional practice in horticulture.