Orchid Biotech Lab

Domain: Bio-physics
Title :Orchid Biotech Lab
Extension: no. 7660
Location: Bioresource Building 704 Room
Participating professor :Chien-Yuan Kao

Facility :
Culture Room; Hybrid Oven; Shaker; Electoporator; Freeze Centrifuge;Phase contrast Microscope; Spectrophotometer;Dissect Microscope; Electrophoresis; Laminar Flow; Growth Chamber; PCR: Microtome; Autoclave; Gene Gun

Research direction: Orchid Tissue Culture; Virus Detection; Thin Cell Layer Culture; Artificial Seed



Seed and Seedling Production Techniques Lab

Seed and Seedling Production Techniques Lab
no. 7659
Participating professor
Yu Chu
Research direction
種子的生產、種苗的生產 、球根的生產、庭園苗木的生產


Laboratory of Utilization of Horticultural Crops

Title:Laboratory of Utilization of Horticultural Crops
Extension: no. 7657
Location: Room702, Bioresource Building
Participating professor: Jegn-Jung Shyr

HPLC, GC, Spectrophotometer, colorimeter, laminar flow, growth chamber, balance, homogenizer, water bath, ultrasonic water bath, pure water generator, pump, blender, juice presser, oil presser, fermentation equipment for alcoholic products, Kjeldahl notrogen analysis equipments,rotary evaporator , pH meter, vacuum dryer, oven, cold room, freezer,high speed centrifuge, freeze centrifuge texture analyzed, grinder, viscometer etc,
Research direction: Processing of Horticultural Crops:
-Analysis of lutein, toccopherols, and D-Mannoheptulose in domestic avocado
-Diversification of Kumquat Processed Products Development
-Coffee liqueur making (Kahlua)
-Analysis of fatty acid composition of domestic avocado
-Analysis of volatiles of imported and domestic garlic
-Analysis of volatiles of oolong tea
-Degreen and pressing methods for the processing of kumquat juice

Research direction:
-Candy fruit making
-Shaddock vinegar making
Post-harvest Physiology and Technology of Horticultural Crops:
-Application of nano silver on the postharvest preservation of cut flowers
-Exporting techniques and standard operation procedure for wax apple
-Low temperature storage techniques of leafy vegetables
-Storage techniques of cucumber
-Cultivation and postharvest techniques for citrus
Optimum storage temperature of avocado
-Exporting techniques of new century Hami-melon




Department of Horticufture, NIU
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